Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

One of the "downer" parts of this winter, at least for the kids, has been that they have made very few friends here. Really, they have not made any "friends"--only kids that they hang out with at church. However, despite this, I am very proud of the way Jude has bloomed in his karate class. Every time the teachers or other students talk about him, they exclaim about how well he does, or how polite he is--it warms my cockles.

They must really have meant it, because yesterday they threw him a "going-away" party. Can you say "Wow?"

Class opens. Jude's position on the far right indicates his seniority in the class. (The student in front of him is his senior, and helps teach the class.)

Jude and César lead body tuning together.

Karate pose. (Reikan fist.)

Jude does a kicking drill with Sensai Cloud Davis.

Jude helps another girl do the same drill, while Sensai Cloud coaches her.

Mmm... Kung Fu Panda cupcake cake!

Two cupcakes and an oatmeal cookie later--can we say "sugar rush?"

Looking fierce. (I could hardly stop laughing after to take the next photo!)
The woman on the left is Jude's other teacher, Joshu Cynthia. ("Miss Cynthia" to the kids.)

Karate people can smile, too!