Dragging My Feet

Is it okay to be tired of change? Is it okay to wish for a little space of familiarity to call my own? Is it okay to want to have more than four available shirts to choose from?

Change does happen, though. Outside, inside, we all change. What happens when two people change in different directions? Does the relationship continue, or do you simply change the way you relate to each other? Do you change the things you talk about?

Change can be good, this we know. Spring is here, weather is warming, trees are budding. Good changes. New information brings up new questions. It is good to question. The answers, though... those require more change, don't they? What do you do once a new seed has been planted, once you know something new... ignore it? Purge it? Nurture it? Is it a weed, or is it a rose?

What if it's a rose to you, and everyone else is pretty sure it's a weed?

Why must change make life so difficult sometimes?

Is it okay to be tired of change?