Yesterday was the last day of soccer. There was a barbecue and a soccer game free-for-all (it was supposed to be kids against the parents, but it wasn't really organized). The kids got a little excited:

Also, Jude and I baked together. My Aunty Ruth Anne gave each of the boys a "Gold Medal Flour Alpha-Bakery" cookbook when we stopped through at their place in Oregon. This was the first time we made anything from it. Jude read the entire recipe, and got a lesson in fractions, too! It made the project, which would have taken twenty minutes by myself, stretch to two hours! Oh, well. We both had fun. Jude did a great job. And the strawberry shortbreads tasted awesome!

This morning, Jabin came up to me wearing these goggles and being goofy. I couldn't help but notice the resemblance it gave him to the robot on his shirt:

Also, this morning we got the sad news that Jason's Uncle Dale passed away. It was expected--he has had a variety of health problems for some time, and without a liver transplant, it was only a matter of time. However, we are sad to see him go. We will miss his humour, his upbeat attitude, and his generous spirit. Rest In Peace, Uncle Dale.