Several weeks ago, we were driving in the van and Jude asked, "Mom, what's a talent?"

I explained it was something that you are good at, and then asked the boys what they thought their talents were. Here is what they came up with:

  • drawing
  • swimming (okay, not really, but he likes it. I had to explain the difference there.)
  • running
  • digging
  • colouring
  • colouring tigers
After this, Noah said, "I donno!" So I reminded him of the next three:
  • math
  • puzzles
  • music (to which he said, "Playing drums!" Even though he's never really played them. Oh, well. I asked, and I wasn't about to argue! Who knows? He could be good at playing drums!)
  • colouring trees
  • colouring (in general)
  • drums (monkey hear, monkey say!)
  • singing
This morning at breakfast, it was confirmed that Jude definitely knew what a talent is. As he watched Jabin across the table, he spontaneously observed, "I think Jabin's talent is playing with his hands and telling stories with them."

And he's right! Jabin could entertain himself for a good half-hour at a time, just with his hands, his voice, and his imagination! I'm thinking I've got a ventriloquist in the making!

A mother's dream, I tell ya...