Money Talk

Yesterday, we were in the van on the way to town when Jude pipes up.

"Mom, I know how to make a hundred and five dollars!"

"Really? One hundred and five?" I asked, thinking the number of choice a little odd. In my mind, I'm imagining what scheme he might be about to relate. Sell 105 rocks for a dollar each? Get 105 people to give you a buck if you can skip for a minute? Hand-drawn counterfeits of a one hundred- and a five-dollar bill? Who knows with this kid, right?

"Yep. You take five, and you add a hundred to it, and that's how you get a hundred and five!"

Ah. Simply working out the addition of the numbers. Now I get it. Only one thing missing.

"And then you have to put a dollar sign in front," I added.


Now, if only he could make a dollar for every time the perfectly correct usage of the English language ambiguously implies multiple meanings, he could be a millionaire!