Home Tour: Bathroom

I have a bathroom fetish. Meaning, that if you were to phone me and tell me that you were coming over in ten minutes, and my hair was messy and I had no make-up on and my house was a disaster, I'd spend that ten minutes cleaning my bathroom. (I'd probably also brush my hair, but to heck with make-up!)

So, I realize that a bathroom might be a strange place to some to begin a home tour, but to me, it is completely reasonable. Not to mention, my bathroom is the most "done" right now, although there are still some things I have on the "project list" for in there.

Bienvenue à la toilette!

As you can tell from the mirror's reflection, this is also the laundry room. The blue tank in the corner is our pressure tank. (We are currently trying to figure out why we can't get it to give us only normal pressure--it is constantly pinned right now. Thank goodness I know a plumber! *wink, wink at Dad, who is shaking his head that I inherited so little plumbing know-how from him!* Also, we have LOTS of iron in our water, so there is a bunch of rust around the drain. Also plus, because of the high pressure, it is constantly dripping, which doesn't help.) One of my future projects is to build a cabinet to enclose the pressure tank (read "hide it!") and put storage shelves above it. Good winter project, right? Or, maybe next summer... Uh, let's continue around the room, shall we?

I have an old wooden orange crate in the Sea Can, which will become my magazine holder next time I get out there and dig it out. For now, our bathroom reading material gets to partially-obscure the Anne Geddes print of oh-so-cute naked baby butts. It is sitting on top of the linen tower, which I managed to slide between the toilet and the vanity for towel storage--but had to remove the toilet paper holder in the process. I have plans to put one on the pressure-tank cabinet, but for now, the TP roll sits on the back of the toilet, or on the vanity. Oh, well.

Who puts sentimental stuff in a bathroom, right? Uh... Anyway, the shelf was made for me by my friend Candace's uncle way back in college. The muslin laundry bag was hand-embroidered by my maternal grandmother. (Or, at least, she was the one who gave it to me from the archives.) Some of the stitching has started to come out, so I may re-do it when I have time. The pot on the left of the shelf was painted by Jabin during this summer's art camp. The photo is of Noah at about 10 months. The little moon and star ornament (which is difficult to see in this photo, because I hung it in front of the dark candles) was a gift from my friend Vicki. The little basket is full of bath teas and salts.

The colour of the walls showed up truest in this photo. I had originally bought this paint for my very sunny living room, and got the first wall cut in before I realized I had made a big mistake. I still loved the colour, but realized it would be too overwhelming in a room with that much wall and sun. However, it is perfect in the bathroom!

The little glass canister has my laundry soap in it (I use Charlie's Soap, and only need a tablespoon per load, so it will take me forever to go through that.) The "bug bin" hides all the rest of my laundry supplies. And the clock (which I can see from the shower if I stand on tiptoes) reminds me if I'm enjoying the hot water a little too much in the morning!

Got these at a garage sale this summer. They are as straight as those goofy (but interesting) wire hangers will let them be.
.This is where the toilet paper holder used to be. I covered the holes and figured out a good spot to hang the hand towel in one shot by re-purposing this garden plant hanger there.

That's it for that little room, folks. If I can ever get my kitchen de-cluttered, I'll take some photos and show you around there, too!

Happy Thanksgiving!