It Was Inevitable

View from my front window right now:

Somewhere, deep down, I knew that the Indian Summer* wouldn't last forever. I was just in denial. Today, I get to break out the winter coats, I guess.

I'm just thankful that for once, we have got to enjoy a gloriously-painted fall landscape for a while, before a vicious wind has come up and blown all the leaves off. (There have been years where the leaves have started to turn, and less than a week later they are all on the ground.)

I know you guys haven't been able to hear me rant for a while (you missed it, right?), so here's a peeve that I'm putting out to the world in general. Taylor Swift has a song called "Cold As You". Now, I admire Taylor as a songwriter and singer, especially since she was in her early-to-mid-teens when she wrote this. There are some clever turns of phrase in this song, which appeals to the "word nut" in me. (When I write/listen to a song, I love it when I can find something really clever.) BUT! The poor grammar in the title phrase at the end of the chorus drives me NUTS every time I listen to it! AS cold as you! That's what it should be!!

I know. I just need to get over it. (Really, you don't need to tell me. But I'm still ranting, just for today.)

Happy Tuesday, friends!

*Why is it called that, anyway?!!