Ten Things About Us Right Now

  1. Snow is falling outside.
  2. My potatoes are still in the garden.
  3. Jason and the kids are playing Mariocart Wii. Earlier, we were all checking out the new game Jason got for his birthday--Big Brain Academy.
  4. I woke up with a sore throat. I have just been too darn busy, 24/6 (I take Saturdays off, usually) for the last few weeks, and it is catching up to me. Last week, I just taught school and slept, it felt like.
  5. Yesterday, I changed out the fall jackets and footwear for the winter stuff.
  6. Our living room and master bedroom stand as the biggest obstacles resisting organization at the moment.
  7. I started knitting a new scarf/hat/mitt set for Jude today, out of some green "camo"-coloured yarn that he picked.
  8. Jason got the plywood all up on the skirting on Thursday night, now just needs to get it insulated when the insulation comes in on Tuesday. It's made a difference already, but the temperatures outside keep going down, so really it's stayed about the same in here.
  9. Jude lost his first tooth last Monday. His new one came up behind it and pushed it out. So, he is late to start losing his teeth, like his dad, and his first tooth got pushed out by the adult tooth behind it, like his mom.
  10. Perhaps its the weather, but I've been feeling really nostalgic for Mena for the last few weeks. Last night, I had a dream and got to see some of my friends that I rarely see while I am awake, from various places in the world, and at different times in my life.

    I love making new friends. I just hate leaving them behind. If I keep leaving pieces of my heart everywhere, will there eventually be none left? Or does it just keep getting bigger?
I miss you, my friends all around the world...

These are the Gregories with us.
They moved away in September to Vancouver Island.
We miss them a lot.