Things To Do While You Are Sick

  • Blog like a madwoman for a few days.
  • Begin reading Jane Austen's Emma. Neglect blog shamefully for duration.
  • Get so congested that I cannot sleep. Watch Pride & Prejudice at weird hours while waiting for sinuses to clear.
  • Try to teach school on four hours sleep the next day.
  • Break my strict "no-forwarding" rule by sending out nonsensical e-mails with some iffy anecdotal evidence about how to prevent illness to almost everyone on my e-mail list. I'm blaming the lack of sleep. Sorry if you were one of the "lucky" ones.
  • Dig up potatoes and pluck rosehips for jelly in a snowstorm. Makes sense, doesn't it?
  • Forget words frequently, thanks to sleep-deprivation.
  • Have a hallelujah breakdown when the sinus congestion finally passes. Now, instead of keeping my husband awake with a snorky nose all night, it can just be incessant coughing.
  • Oo! I remembered that peppermint oil on the tongue stops coughing! Yippee! We get to sleep at last!
  • Think fondly of last October, when we were in a much warmer, milder, less cold-prone climate.
  • Suck it up.
  • Finally get over the worst of it, only to discover that the bug has been passed on to one of my children. Spend week at home nursing child to health.
I think the main bugs have been exterminated. Hopefully, we will be better prepared next time!