Snippets of Jabin

Words Jabin says (because that's how he is convinced they are pronounced!):
  • "Dever mind!"
  • "Reraser"
  • "Betending" (Instead of "pretending".)
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Quotable Quotes:

"Mommy, I love girls. They're beautiful!"

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At supper, I leaned over to Jabin and asked, "Would you like me to cut that into smaller pieces?"

Without any prelude, Jabin flashed his million-dollar grin at me and replied, "And Mommy, Noah's p_n_s is bigger!"

Jason and I didn't stop laughing for about two minutes.

(I had actually overheard Jabin and Noah talking along this line earlier in the bathroom, and that conversation was even more hilarious--but I don't think that even an "innocent" conversation the likes of that one would be permissible on a family blog!)

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