So much to do...

Jason had an extra-long weekend this weekend, with both Friday and Monday off. With me still being a bit "under the weather", this has been especially nice.

But, in all honesty, the weather has nothing to do with it. In fact, we have been watching the last remnants of snow melt away from the shadows, and our yard dry up over the weekend. The sun has been inspiring lots of motivation to get started on the umpteen spring projects I've been thinking about all winter. Here is just a smattering from the list I put together for myself for the weekend (just so I would remember them all):
  • Build chicken brooder
  • Build chicken tractor
  • Make garden box covers (to protect against the deer)
  • Make a proper compost bin
  • Make front room drapes (The sun is back, and already there are days where our living room is a bit unbearable--we need some kind of solar regulation, here!)
  • Build clothesline
  • Trench phone lines (Looking forward to no more dropped cell calls!)
  • Build a permanent chicken coop (for winter)
  • Plant garden
  • Build porch (This is actually Jason's project exclusively)
  • Maybe even build a root cellar?
That's besides whatever landscaping and other yard improvement work we can squeeze in.

I just have to remind myself: Rome wasn't built in a day. Neither does the Winters Homestead need to be.