And the Rain came tumbling down... and turned into snow.

Well, this has got to be a record for "blog-rest" for me! It's been a busy month. Fortunately, right at the beginning of it, my mom split the cost of a new camera with me, so I can give you a quick pictorial overview.

At the beginning of the month, I took the boys and headed down to Sylvan, leaving Jason in charge of the chicks. The boys got to stay with my mother-in-law while I flew with my dad and brother to L.A. to see these two do this:

I enjoyed hanging out with many of my extended family, catching a few rays of California sun, along with some much-needed R&R.

When I got home, it was only a day later before I was to receive 55 new poultry (2 of them an adult breeding pair of Crevecouer chickens), without the space to put them anywhere! I had not managed to get my first chicken tractor done before leaving, but after three days of work, and some help, it was finally finished.

Jude and Jabin with Lotsa Babies!

So, my life has been filled with lots of work related to chickens, trying to shelter them, feed them, and keep them alive. My new babies were dropping like flies for a few days there, until I figured out that I had too much salt in their feed.

Anyhoo, despite being rather eventful on my end, this post about my month is going to be rather short.

I'm just thankful I got most of my garden in last Sunday, before this last week of rain--which turned into snow today. I really hope my oldest chicks (outside in the chicken tractor) survive this little "May blizzard" we are having.

I guess we'll see. I certainly don't have anywhere else to put them!

My favourite brother EVER!