"Indoor plumbing--it's gonna be big!"

Something has been afoot around here for a while. I have been turning ideas around in my little head, working on designs, yearning to start the creative business I pined after not so long ago. In reality, these ideas have been percolating since around December... but this week, I tipped over the edge of "I dunno" towards "Going for it!"

The thing that unbalanced me was a desire to help Jude in his money-earning endeavours, since he is so keen on getting his hamster. My real passion is designing clothing, which I will talk about more later--but I also need to earn a little extra income first to upgrade some of the equipment I have before really getting serious about that project.

So, for now, here is a little hint about what's been brewing around here:

I would love your opinions (constructive criticism) on both the photos and the product.

Look for the grand opening announcement of my new store soon!