Treasure Trove

Today, I exchanged some of the books on our shelf in the trailer that we won't need this upcoming winter for ones that will be useful for school, and also that are at Jude's reading level. He was very excited, because we did not have many chapter books in the house, and he has definitely moved past the level of a short picture book.

Two shelves of reading bliss for the voracious reader.

He was especially excited about the Chronicles of Narnia, Mary Poppins, Pirates of the Carribean and the Hardy Boys books. (Some of these he has read already: James and the Giant Peach, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Charlotte's Web. We did The BFG and Stuart Little as family reading.)

Not everything on these shelves is age-appropriate yet (Great Expectations, anyone?), but a lot of it will be just fine.

Of course, since I happened to find a Calvin and Hobbes book while I was digging around, guess which one the boys chose first?

Not that it matters. Reading is for having adventures, and Calvin will take him on just as many as Roald Dahl!

Have fun, wherever your adventures take you, my boys!