Ding 33!*

Another year marker snuck** up on me on Tuesday, and passed by without much to-do, actually. Well, unless you count the 40+ Facebook well-wishers, as well as several phone and e-mail ones, and three adorable boys and one adorable hubby... which, of course, I do!

Also, as I already posted to Facebook, on my way home that day (I spent the day "out and about" doing various errands, including getting a few more chickens for my decimated flock) when I was stopping for a few groceries I bought myself 2 tubs of Breyers ice cream as a "birthday treat." They were on sale for 2/$8, after all! When I got home, I found out that Jason had already taken advantage of the same deal! We had even each picked one kind of ice cream that was the same! PLUS! He bought pie. Mmmm... pie.

Then, when I picked up the mail on Thursday, there were even more well-wishers. And a big, interesting package from my mother-in-law! With fun presents inside! One of which was this:

I fell in love with it the moment I laid eyes on it. The first thing I used it for was to make homemade bread tonight. Mmm... bread.

Mmm... birthdays. I think we eat yummy treats so that we actually look forward to getting older.

*My brother advised me that this is the proper way to celebrate hitting "the next level" in gamer culture. I didn't physically shout this, Logan, but considering I have almost 70 visitors a day, more people will hear it this way.

**I take umbrage to the fact that my spell checker does not recognize "snuck" as a word. Everyone I know says "snuck." Well, everyone from Alberta that I know says "snuck". Past tense of "sneak". Who would say "sneaked"? It sounds like you got hit in the head with a running shoe!