On an Autumn Day...

This is Jabin and Noah's idea of fun:

N and Squirt

This is Wilhelmina the chicken's idea of fun (trying to sneak food from Koda's dish while he's not looking):

Wilhelmina and dogfood

And this, for who knows WHAT reason, is Jude's idea of fun:

Cheetahboy raking leaves.

After pulling this little bit into his pile (about half an hour of work sitting there already, at least) he sighed.

"After I do that much--" indicating another leaf mound he had dragged to about fifteen feet away "I will double this!"

I looked around cynically at the long rake-width track of mostly-bare grass, not wanting to kill his joy, not pointing out that this is the first remotely windy day we have had since the leaves turned, and that only about 0.01% of them have even touched grass, yet. Then I chortled to myself, shaking my head in that "He'll learn, but let's not ruin this" sort of way.

Cheetahboy and his leaves.

One hundred down, fifty thousand to go...