A Little Night Math

I was just doing some calculations, and came to realize that with my newly-increased grocery budget, I am feeding each person in our family for $5.67 a day, sometimes less. That includes eating out.

That is $1.89 per meal, per person, based on three meals and no snacks. (And by the way?--we always have snacks--usually two a day per person. That means we are actually averaging $1.13 per eating time.) That is also on the inflated prices that our groceries are offered at here in the northern part of the world. (A gallon of milk is around $5-$6 these days, folks. So is a litre of cream or a pound of butter, depending on where you shop.)

We eat organic whenever possible. We eat whole foods and avoid packaged junk whenever possible. I have two to four people in my house at any given time with raging metabolisms. Our cupboards are never so empty that I can't find something to make a meal with. In fact, in all honesty, we could probably eat for a month just with what I have in the house at any given time--it would get boring fast, but we wouldn't starve.

There goes the myth that it is more expensive to eat organic.

Now I am curious--what do other people average out feeding their families for? If you feel comfortable sharing, please post it in the comments section. It would be interesting to see the range. (Feel free to post anonymously, if you wish.)