Hello, Sun

Last week, I was cursing snow. It just wouldn't stop coming.

I was doing mental math figuring out the amount of time that I had invested just digging my van out of places, or having other people do it for me. (At least 200 minutes.)

I was grumbling about having to stay home because I was snowed in (okay, not really), then I was grumbling at the amount of physical effort it took to finally leave my yard.

It's hard to find a silver lining when the whole world is a monotone gray.

But today...

Today, the sun is pouring over me, wrapping me in a golden hug even as I type. It makes me want to hug it back.

All things bright and beautiful

My tangled mess of a basil plant is echoing my sentiments. The sun makes me think of planting seeds, planning gardens...

Reach for the sun

Even the chickens enjoyed the sun--since the temperatures are above zero, we left the coop door open for a few hours. Which reminds me... the sun has me thinking of buying and hatching chicks. (I've never hatched my own... could be interesting.)

Basil flower

The sun also reveals the dust on the dresser top, and I have this uncontrollable desire to start Spring Cleaning. And planning summer projects. And trips.

Hello, Sun!

The sun makes me forget that it is only January 24.

The sun is a like a drug that completely erases my memory of winter. And I want more.