Scrapbook Saturday at last

Well, I got in some scrapping on Saturday, albeit digitally, for the first time in a good nine or ten months. I actually had the kids help me with making a page about themselves--a little bit of "art class" on the computer. Noah still has to do his with me, but here are the two the other boys helped with:

Superkid the supergoof

Cute as can Be

I scrapped the story I posted about here in these two layouts:

Better a Brother Close By

The Way You Love

And captured part of a summer day that never made it onto the blog. Yes, I used pink and red flowers on a layout with my boys--it matches the wild rose. Sue me. I need to use every excuse I can find to use flowers, 'cause I don't often have one!

Nature's Playground 

In other news, I finished orchestrating another song for the musical last night. It is only the third one I have completed, but it was a biggie--almost eight minutes of music, a big production number that covers two scenes and is part of the opening sequence. Not including the "time off" I took in December, I think it still consumed 3-4 weeks of my life. I feel like it was quite an accomplishment to finish it! (Plus! I wrote a tango for part of it! That's a big deal... to me, at least!)

Happy Monday, friends!