Growing Up is Hard to Do

Jabin, my ever-sunny youngest child, is about to turn six on Monday.

Right on time, a growth spurt showed up. As a result, this boy that usually eats slightly more than a sparrow and smiles like a Toys R Us commercial from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. has been transformed into a child that is constantly ravenous, often weepy, and perpetually tired.

Fortunately, I think the growth spurt is winding down at last. All affected parties seem to have survived unscathed. However, I will definitely have to revisit his pants selection in the next week or two--I have noticed several pairs that have started to look like floodpants recently.

Despite having an especially tired day yesterday (he ended up falling back to sleep on the couch right after breakfast until about 10 a.m!), he did manage to get some schoolwork done, and even found a smile for the camera.

Nothing like a good, long sleep and a cup of warm herbal tea to make you feel better when you're out of sorts, right, kiddo?

Squirt is growing!