Where Did They Go?

The holidays, I mean. Jude just finished making his lunch for his first day back tomorrow. Can the holidays have passed already?

The only reason is, along with all that "nothing" that I had on my mental "to do list" (Check!), I also had a few "somethings" that have rather empty-looking checkboxes beside them. Sigh.

I didn't even go near the bathroom with a paintbrush. I didn't write a single note on my musical. And there are several outstanding "tea dates" which never got filled.

However, I did almost finish my year's books. I did get quite a LOT of visiting in with certain friends, including Mark and Colleen, who surprised us by coming down to visit from Yellowknife for about a week over New Year's. (Old friends of ours, as well as the Burdicks.) And I am just about to crack the cover on a "learn-how-to-use-my-recording-software" text that I bought last summer.

So, while I don't feel like the holidays were a loss by any stretch, I just wish I could stretch them out a little longer. By about a week.

Hmm... maybe I will... :-)