Not for Lack of Desire... or maybe it is.

I want to post. Honest. There just seems to be so much else to do right now. Like knit. And sew. (One of the things I want to post about, actually.) And recover from the nasty cold that Jude so generously shared with me. (Almost gone now. Yay!)

So, I will be posting a "real one" soon. But now, after a night of catching up on a back-log of school tracking and prep, I'm tired of sitting in front of this computer... and let's face it: it's 10:30 p.m., and I'm just tired.

However, I did finish Jude's gloves. (He opted to not do a "flip-top" after all, so no glittens this time.)

DSC04210 web.jpg

DSC04215 web.jpg

And he wants to keep the liners separate instead of sewn-in, so as to have more versatility with warmth vs. weather:

G.I. Joe Glove Liners

Plus, I made a hat for a friend:

Brock Beanie

And I'm also almost finished some gloves for Noah, and a second hat for Jabin.

See? I toldja I'd been busy! :-)

More updates coming soon!