My New Baby...

About a year ago, the beautiful Tama guitar that my Dad bequeathed to me started to separate at the neck, cracking at a spot where a screw had been put in to attach the strap to.

The quote to fix it made me gulp. Yes, I told the luthier, I will get it fixed. Just not right now.

On Tuesday, I got an "interim guitar"--and am completely thrilled with it.


Pretty, isn't it? And it sounds nice, too. The action is low, so even though I have practised for three days in a row (and tonight it was for well over an hour), my fingers are sore, but not bloody... and that's a good thing!

I also started guitar lessons with all three of our boys yesterday. The younger two are VERY enthusiastic. The older one... I think he is disillusioned by the amount of work involved to sound half decent. Sigh.

Also, I was quite happy that I had not forgotten nearly as much as I thought I would in a year. If I keep practising regularly, it shouldn't be long before I can actually play, like, real songs and everything. :-)

How has your week been going, friends?