Jumping Can Be Hard to Do

So, almost immediately after the trampoline was fixed and ready to use yesterday, Noah sprained his ankle on it. As a result, he spent last night and today mostly laying on the couch. Here he is, looking a little blue about the situation, an ice pack on the sore ankle.

Then he got goofy about it.

His brothers didn't bother feeling guilty at all that they could enjoy the trampoline while he couldn't.

However, I did overhear Jabin lamenting to Noah a little later on today, "Too bad you can't come jump on the tramp with us and have fun with us." Maybe that's why Jabin played this home-made version of ping-pong (using a wiffle ball, toy plastic records as paddles, and stuffies as a net on our dining room table) with Noah to help him have something to do.

All things considered, he did pretty good--especially because his parents did NOT grant his wish to play video games all day... :-)