On a Pedestal

"After supper, do you want to play chess, Jude?" asked David. He and his little brother were over visiting for Sunday afternoon, which had extended to evening.

"Sure," said Jude, munching down on his pasta.

The conversation then turned to their respective skill levels. David was pretty sure he could beat Jude. Jude figured that if his Dad was helping him, he could beat David. Jason snorted.

"Well, yeah," Jason said. No-brainer, in other words.

"Is your dad really good?" David asked Jude.

"I do okay," Jason answered for himself.

"If Uncle Logan was helping you, you'd definitely win," Jabin piped up. "He's a really good, good, good chess player."

"Really?" asked David conversationally.

"Yep, he's really good," said Jude.

"Could he beat you?" David asked Jason.

"Uh, yeah." Another no-brainer.

"Could he beat you in your sleep?"

"Well, that doesn't make sense. That would make it easier for him. But he could probably beat me in his sleep," Jason said. "With one arm tied behind his back," he added thoughtfully.

"Whoa. Yeah, he's good."

Whether he ever competes for a prize, my brother has apparently earned  the title of "World Chess Champion" in our house. :-)

*This conversation may be slightly paraphrased, due to the fact that I've slept since then. The intent and most of the words are accurate, though.