Paradigm Shift

So, on Sunday I wore my kickin' new sky-high-black boots, the current fashion statement of all masochistic women everywhere.

I had never worn heels that high in my life before, and after an early morning at music rehearsal (8 a.m start), by the time I got home at about 2 p.m., my feet were crying--or maybe that was just me.

"Why are these so popular?!" I wondered to myself.

 It made me wonder if I made a mistake buying them...

...until, of course, my husband gave me a kiss that knocked my socks off (boots still on though--it was that good.)

"What was that for?" I asked.

"Nothing... you're just looking good. You don't normally wear heels like that."


So, the next day, I ordered three more pairs of high-heeled shoes.

I guess I answered my own question! Women will endure all kinds of ridiculous things to look attractive...

... but that's nothing new, is it?

(Oh, Lizzy, what were you thinking?!!)