Top Ten Reasons I Love Working From Home

There are always downsides to everything--most of us know this. But while there is the odd time I think that maybe a dedicated ten-hour stretch without the interruptions of home life would enable me to accomplish so much more, really, I absolutely LOVE that I get to work from home. And here's why (in no particular order):

  1. Conducting business in my pajamas.
  2. When I put my makeup on, my husband knows it's for him, not someone at the office.
  3. When dealing with a particularly frustrating "Customer Relations" issue, I have the advantage of being able to take a few hours, cool down, and think about it before responding.
  4. Home schooling my kids.
  5. On my break, I get to go outside and enjoy my beautiful property.
  6. Conducting business at night, after my kids are in bed.
  7. "Going on vacation" does not necessarily mean I stop making money.
  8. My business is portable--not just for vacations, but for moves.
  9. It saves on gas.
  10. I get to raise our kids, not a babysitter.
Hey, all you work-from-home moms and dads--do you have some reasons unique to you why you love your "job"?