Introducing the Brennan Hat

About a year ago, Netflix finally introduced a version of itself that didn't require super-high bandwidth internet in order to watch a show. For $8/month, we figured it was a pretty good use of our entertainment budget. So, for the first time in nearly thirteen years of marriage, we were watching "T.V.".

Not really--no commercials. (Yay!) And we got to watch shows we previously had to borrow or buy on DVD to enjoy. Plus, discovering some new ones.

One of those discoveries was "Bones", a show about Dr. Temperance Brennan, a brilliant but socially awkward forensic anthropologist who works with Agent Seeley Boothe of the FBI to solve murders, who (fortunately) supplies the people skills she lacks.

One night, I was happily knitting along (since watching a show is just something to do while I'm knitting) when Dr. Brennan shows up on screen, watching Boothe play hockey, in a super-adorable cabled beanie. I fell in love with it immediately.

By the next afternoon, I had swatched and drafted a pattern for a very similar hat. And yesterday, it was published. You can find it at,, or

I made it to sell (the hat itself is in my Etsy store, too)--but I love it so much, I may have a hard time letting it go!