Contest & Giveaway!

My friend Larrissa has just decided to pick up knitting. I'm not sure how spontaneous the decision was, but she called me out of the blue one day and told me she had bought yarn and a pattern book, and would I show her how to use them? So... I'm guessing, pretty spontaneous. :-)

She told me which patterns she fell in love with, both from Noro, and they were beautiful... but far from a beginner project. I gently suggested that maybe she should start with something simpler, she agreed, and I designed this little cap, inspired by the traditional sailor's or watchman's hat, as her first project:

I am not quite sure what to call the thing, so I am asking for your help. Here's the deal:

"Like" My Secret Wish by Talena on Facebook

Leave your suggested hat name in the comments on the contest post for this hat.

Deadline is Sunday, December 23.

Winner will get one of these hats knit up for them by me in colours of their choice from those I have available.

Normally, my designs are inspired by a specific person, and I was going to name this after Larrissa's little man, but unfortunately, there are already several designs on Ravelry by that name. So, please choose a name that is not-too-long. It should evoke images of what the hat is like, and could be a unique personal name. Some great suggestions have already come in (which you can see on Facebook.)

If you are not on Facebook, please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments here.

Come join the fun! :-)