First Birthday

Levi turned one yesterday. To celebrate, he spent a couple of hours with his Nana and birth mom/"Auntie". Then when he came home, he had fresh oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

Last night, I gave him a haircut. I don't think it was his absolute first, but it may have been the first all-over cut. (This boy came out with a lot of hair, so he's probably had a trim or two before.) Here he is today, sportin' his new 'do. It's a bit choppy in places, but for a baby haircut, he did amazingly well. I've just got a couple little pieces I need to even out later.

Today, we had errands to do in town all afternoon. Despite that, this was the happiest, most settled day that he has had since he came to be with us. It also followed the longest, most undisturbed night of rest he has had yet.

Every day, things are getting just a little easier.

We are so looking forward to what the next year brings. Love you so much already, little man!