The Busy Princeling

Lately, I've been having a difficult time getting my butt in my chair to do any writing. Partly, this is because of the amount of yard work and things still needing to be finished before the snowflakes make their appearance. But mostly it is because Levi's skill at getting into trouble has increased significantly.

Even ten seconds unsupervised can mean he has pushed a chair to the nearest cupboard and started pulling down glasses, dishes, papers, pens, electronics--a continual and expensive fascination for him--you name it.

After a two-minute bathroom break this morning required a five-minute mop-up of the water he had poured out of the cooler while I was doing so, I decided that from now on, I'll have to strap him in his chair when I need to go that badly. Or wait until his naptime.

Our boy is busy, but he is also still pretty fun and cuddly. After breaking another tooth a few days ago, his attitude returned to its normal laid-back disposition. Thank goodness!

He has been attempting more words lately, but they are still pretty mangled. He tends to take the last consonant sound of a word and put it first. Thus, "egg" becomes "guh", "sock" becomes "kah", "cup" becomes "puh". At least he's trying!

Speaking of the little man, he's getting in trouble again... gotta go!!

Why, yes, I  am  a little prince! How could you tell?

Why, yes, I am a little prince! How could you tell?