Angry Birds

Hibernation Time

After a huge dump of snow on the weekend, I finally feel like winter has set in here. Officially. None of this pussy-footing around with mere cold temperatures. Once there is enough snow to make me wonder if I can get out of the driveway with the van, and once the sky maintains "gray" as a normative state over even the thin pale blue that I expect to see again in January or February, that's when I hit "hibernation mode"--just let me stay home and knit and drink tea by a warm fire.

There are always obstacles to this kind of burrowing, not least of which are my commitments (which seem to be more numerous than usual this year.) Ah, well. As much as I may prefer it, God has decided that being a hermit is not in my best interests. That's for the best, probably. :-)

So, in the last week, my third child has turned 9, and got his first pair of glasses. Hard to believe this sweet boy is in his last year of single digits--he was so LITTLE not that long ago, wasn't he?

Reaction to seeing the Pokemon Card Collector's set in Jabin's birthday gifts.

We had a family birthday supper on Friday, but his party with his friends will be this upcoming weekend, so there will be more on that later.

Jabin showing off his new Angry Birds flannel robe that I made him on the weekend as a birthday present.

Jabin, you are still pretty sweet, even if you are not that little anymore. Keep growing and grinning, little man. We love you!

Jabin at a school choir performance last week. He wouldn't stop flirty with the girl beside him long enough for me to get a decent shot. ;-)

Bulletin Board Art

In our mobile home's long hallway hang the bulletin boards that I used both for lesson displays when I was home schooling, as well as a personal board for each child (well, except Levi, but he'll get his own soon, I'm sure) to display their artwork and other things they are proud of. (If you ever see how full my fridge is, you'll know why I decided that bulletin boards were the way to go, here.)

Lately, Jude has been doing a lot of "Angry Birds" art--I find this interesting, since he is not nearly as infatuated with the actual game as his two next-younger brothers. But he does like to draw.

I believe most of these were drawn free-hand while either looking at a colouring book page, a T-shirt, or a still from some version of the game.

This one is a Jude Winters original. I love it!!

When I was twelve, I spent hours with the VCR paused so I could free-hand draw about four to six scenes from Walt Disney's "The Little Mermaid". It taught me a lot about proportion, colour, and more. So I think it's great that Jude is copying these images. I can't wait to see what he will come up with next.