Gilmore Girls

Indecision Strikes

I haven't often had trouble deciding on the name for one of my patterns. It happened once before, and I ran a naming contest that resulted in the Killick Cap getting its moniker--something way cooler than I would have thought of myself.

I know I told you guys (in my newsletter last week) that I would have a new Boot Cuff and Mitten pattern in the store this week. Well... I'm really, really close. I finally got the photos taken on Friday, which was a major hold-up in the process.

All along in the design process, I have been calling this the "Gilmore Girls" set, as this show has figured heavily into the knitting time on these babies, and it seemed appropriate for the pattern. I named the lighter-weight version "Rory" and the heavier-weight one "Lorelai", after Rory's vivacious mother .

And I even found the perfect Lorelai Gilmore quote to open the description:

Everything’s magical when it snows, everything looks pretty. The clothes are great. Coats, scarves, gloves, hats.
— Lorelai Gilmore ("Gilmore Girls")

Indecision has featured heavily in the design process, which has meant more options included in the pattern. Yay! Can't decide which way I like the cables? Knit ALL the ways! Can't decide if I like it better with one strand of yarn or two? Knit ALL the ways! Can't decide just how long I want those fingerless mittens to be? Knit ALL the w... well, you get it.

And then, just last week as I was taking the promo photos, I got the REAL name of the pattern. The perfect name.

It is surprising how warm these boot cuffs are--I am practically living in them in my office (now that I am finally allowed to wear them without fear of messing them up!)

Just a few more days of work on the Winters Distributing store, and then I can finish revising this pattern and it will be done! Whoo-eee!!!

Stay warm, friends!