The Flash

The Superhero in the Family

I know I have referenced these before, but I don't think I have actually posted photos. Jabin doesn't usually wear pyjamas to bed, being a little hot-body--even in the dead of winter, undies usually do the trick. However, for his birthday, he requested that I make him some pyjamas that double as a costume of "The Flash".

So, of course, I did.

I soon discovered that The Flash's own mom must have loved him a lot to agree to put all those lightning bolts on his costume. Because the only way to do them is to stitch them by hand.

Jabin's uncharacteristic seriousness in these photos is because he was trying to look all heroic. :-)

What's a Flulk?

Jabin burst into the living room between the two chairs where Jason and I were seated as we waited for the kids to get themselves ready for bed. I was bent over some hand-stitching work and Jason was browsing the internet on his iPad, but not for long--Jabin is never one to simply enter a room. He makes an entrance.

"Look! I'm The Flulk!" he exclaimed, arms wide in the well-practised flourish a magician gives after he has just done his latest incredible, belief-defying trick, grinning from ear to ear. Jason and I looked up and burst out laughing.

Jabin had his pajamas on--but the pants were the red-legged, yellow-lightning-booted flannel ones I had made for his "The Flash" pjs a couple of months ago, while the shirt was the sleeveless black-and-green knit top of a set of "Hulk" pajamas, a screened rubber image of The Hulk ripping through the fabric on the front.

"Maybe you're 'The Hash', instead," suggested Jason.

I love how Jabin laughed at both his own joke, and the one that Jason made, for at least sixty seconds straight.

I may have gotten a giggle or two of my own out of it, too... :-)

Happy New Week, friends!