Women in the North

Tell Your Story

The conference today was amazing. The keynote speakers, Carrie Doll and Leah Podollan, were uplifting and inspiring. The other presenters and organizers were all fantastic. (P.S. Leah shares yummy recipes on her website that are for the allergy-afflicted, as she has had to learn to cook for her son who deals with 28 allergies! Check it out!)

Carrie giving her keynote speech.

Carrie giving her keynote speech.

And I got a great response to my Online Marketing session, so I am thankful for that. I also managed to squeeze it in in under an hour. Yay!

I snagged an image of these awesome Ariel leggings because MERMAID! How great are these?!

I snagged an image of these awesome Ariel leggings because MERMAID! How great are these?!

Plus, I made a new friend. Krystina Dubrule, you are one amazing lady. This local gal started a business selling awesome clothing (LOTSA cool leggings!) a year and a half ago using a direct sales model, and her business has exploded. I was so encouraged as she shared her successes and struggles running a company that has grown so very, very quickly. I know she is on the road to continued success!

Check out her company, Du North Darling Designs and be inspired!

Besides all the amazing stories of women on different points in their journeys, and so many entrepreneurial women who are "Making their own reality" (wise words that Carrie shared in her talk), this conference has moved me further ahead on my own journey. I have learned so much so I could teach the marketing session, as is often the case, and I look forward to becoming even better at marketing what I do.

For now, I better get back to doing what I do... and keep laying out my book for publishing!

Who has inspired you this week, friends? I would love to hear about it!

Up for the Challenge

Well, the presentation is ready.

The PowerPoint is done.

The alarm is set.

I guess I might be ready for the breakout session on Online Marketing I am giving tomorrow at the Women in the North Conference after all.

And I now have about five more books on my "to read" list that are about social media marketing on various platforms. ('Cause I just didn't have time to read it all in advance. Don't worry, I still have plenty of material to speak on--and will be even better at marketing my own businesses when I get through my new reading material, too!)

Now, I just have to talk fast enough to cram an hour-and-a-half long session into 45 minutes. :-)

Happy Tuesday, friends! What challenges have you faced and conquered this week?