great websites

Great Website for Kids

My friend Aakanksha (who happens to be having a birthday today! Happy Birthday, Ace!) sent me the link to this website a long, long time ago. It's great. No wonder she sent it to me.

Go check it out.


In which I blatantly plagiarize my brother, who was imitating me

PLEASE go and read the articles my brother posted here. Quick! Do it now! I'll wait.

"Alarming" does not begin to describe how I felt as I learned that our ocean was a worse toxic waste dump than I had ever dreamed possible.

Then, I would like to remind you that there are websites dedicated to educating us about other, better ways of doing things.

Are there any sites that you recommend?

Home again, Home again, Jiggety-Jig!

Okay, so this is the point at which I pretend I haven't already been on blog-holiday for a week and half to say that I'm going on a holiday--a real one, and will not be posting while I am away. But here's an update on recent happenings before I go.