This has been a mind-expanding week for me on multiple fronts. Some of it has to do with what I am learning to teach the class on online marketing next week, and some of it has to do with what I am learning as I work through my grief (referenced in my last post.)

It has been good. And busy. And tiring. My head feels bigger. My heart feels softer... and much bigger.

It is early spring, after all--the season for things to grow.

In anticipation of spring, and because my old ones are in sad, sad, shape indeed, I covered some pillow forms with some cheerful fabric a couple of weeks ago to brighten up my living room. I had had the pillow forms in storage for at least four years.

Every time I see the bold yellow and black and red and white prints covered in dandelions, owls, polka dots, and stripes, I smile. They are all just so darn cheerful! (Now if only I could make my couch look as good as my throw pillows!)

(The red stripes are on the back of the "owls pillow," which was actually a much-loved pillow I just recovered.)

So no matter how long one has been stagnant, new things can be learned. New horizons can be seen. And little things can help make life better.

Happy Thursday, friends. What small (or big) things brought you joy today?

Now You're Talking my Language

I just found the most adorable shop on Etsy, with beautiful and original graphic pillow and cushion covers. I highly recommend you check out Soeur à la Soeur . Here is one of my favourites (which, ironically, is very different in style from any of the other pillows I saw in their shop, but this one just seemed like it needed to be posted on this particular blog. I think you'll understand why.)