My Secret Wish is about empowering you to create whimsical, beautiful, and functional clothing that makes you feel comfortable and attractive.

My Secret Wish is that you would live your own story and become the most fabulous version of yourself.
— Talena Winters

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Have you wanted to start knitting, but felt intimidated by the process? Do you want to tackle a harder technique, but weren't sure where to start?

I want to give you the tools to succeed.

  • Just getting started? Check out the Stitch Tutorials page for some great tricks to make your knitting easier.

  • Scared of that new technique? Every pattern I sell includes photo tutorials (and links to video resources) for any tricky techniques included.

  • Want awesome pointers in your Inbox? Sign up for my knitting newsletter, below. You will even get a free pattern as a thank you, just for signing up!

There is nothing quite like wearing something home made, with love in every stitch. But home made should still be fabulous, right? Just like you. And I know that, with a little perseverance and dedication, you can master the skills you need to make something amazing!

Happy Knitting! Talk to you soon!

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