Finding Heaven

What do you do when you realize everything you are is a lie?

Sarah Daniels feels trapped, but thinks she deserves her life—until a new friend invites her to choose a different future. Will she be brave enough to step through that open door?

". . . riveting . . ."
- Melissa Keaster, author of Eleora

The Friday Night Date Dress

She sews runway masterpieces...but who will mend her damaged heart?

The Friday Night Date Dress is an inspirational novella about hope, healing, and love.

". . . captivating . . ."
- reader A. Rosendahl


Hi, I'm Talena!

I inspire with stories, yarn, and food. Addicted to tea, books, knitting, and silver linings. Coming to terms with my own imperfections. Seek beauty, spread sunshine.

My Secret Wish:
Be fabulous. Be you.

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