The Friday Night Date Dress

An inspirational romance about a woman working through grief by sewing couture masterpieces she never wears, and an aspiring photographer trying to draw her out of her shell. “Great read for the hopeless romantic at heart.” - Doris Harter, Amazon reviewer

Praise for The Friday Night Date Dress:

"What a wonderful story, beautiful writing, and intricate plot line. I love your book!!" - Lora Doncea, editor

"Thank you for writing such an easy and captivating read - I TRULY enjoyed it!" - A. Rosendahl

"I thoroughly enjoyed your story. It was the perfect vacation take-along." - C. Corcoran

"A well written story, I highly recommend." - RB, reviewer

"Great read for the hopeless romantic at heart." - Doris Harter, reviewer

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She sews runway masterpieces … but who will mend her damaged heart?

Tragic loss has made Melinda Myers invisible. She hides as a nondescript waitress at an average diner during the day. But each night, she sews runway masterpieces that she wears only once before putting them into a box forever.

Peter Surati, an aspiring Asian Indian photographer, can’t help but notice beautiful, sad Melinda. He makes it his mission to help her find her smile again. But his meddling sister seems determined to ruin any chance he has to help Melinda. Can he find a way to mend her damaged heart?

The Friday Night Date Dress is an inspirational novella about hope, healing, and love.

Release date: June 26, 2015
Publisher: My Secret Wish Publishing
ISBN (print): 978-0-9947364-0-6
ISBN (ebook): 978-0-9947364-1-3
Genre: Inspirational Romance
Length: 134 pages

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About the Author:


Talena Winters is addicted to tea, chocolate, books, yarn, and silver linings. She writes page-turning fiction for teens and adults in multiple genres, has written several award-winning songs, designs knitting patterns under her label My Secret Wish, and is lead writer for Move Up magazine. She currently resides on an acreage in the Peace Country of northern Alberta, Canada, with her husband, three surviving boys, two dogs, and an assortment of farm cats. She would love to be a mermaid when she grows up.

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"One way or another, she would be in the magazine. She just didn't know it yet."

"It took only a stuttering heartbeat to realize he actually recognized the enchanting woman behind the glass."

"She hated lying to him, but the lie was the only thing protecting him. Protecting herself."

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Musical Inspirations:

I reference several songs in the book, but the one that is most meaningful for the story doesn't show up until the last chapter. Maahi ve means "beloved" in Hindi. This English translation captures the nuances of the words.

If a book could have credits, this is the song I would choose to play beneath them. :-)