Do you have an amazing story to tell?

My readers and I would love to hear from you. Please contact me if you would like to be featured on my blog. Simply share a paragraph or so with me about your story and what you are doing now to get the ball rolling.

(See fine print below about requests that will not be accepted.)

Please note: I do not accept paid promotional requests (such as book or author promotion) and I do not publish sponsored content. Every piece of content that I put on my website is something that truly inspires me and I believe my readers would benefit from hearing about. I also no longer make food/nutrition blogging a focus, so will not accept guest posts on these topics. I vet every query personally, so please allow up to one week for responses to your request before checking in.

I am looking for stories that fit in the following categories:

  • People Who Inspire Me - Do you have an amazing or inspiring story to share? Have you overcome adversity or faced staggering odds to make a better life? No matter who you are, if you are brightening your corner of the world, you are a fit for this feature. The post could be written by you or by me about you.

  • People Who Inspire You - Who are your heroes? What is it about their story that makes you admire them? Do you think others would be inspired by them, too? This post would be written by you and edited by me, or co-written (I would have you answer interview questions before writing the post).

  • Inspired by Fiction - I'm all about stories, and some of my favourite stories never really happened. Do you have an inspirational short story you would like to share? Have you reviewed a movie or another writer's work and think my readers would be interested? This post would be either your story or review in full (3,000 words or less) written by you, or an excerpt and endorsement by me and linking to the full work on your own blog or website.

  • Looking Up - Do you tell stories about topics like overcoming adversity, grieving well, becoming a better person, holding onto hope in darkest times, making the most of your situation, healing from loss, healthy relationships, or other similar topics? Do you have an inspirational piece of content that doesn't fit into one of the other categories but you think I would be interested in? Drop me a line. I want to hear about it! (Beautiful images also work for this category.)

I look forward to getting to know you better and sharing your story with my readers! Talk soon!

Icky Fine Print (Because I gotta say it):

The following solicitation emails will be automatically deleted:

  • Requests for backlinks

  • Cold solicitations

  • Requests that have nothing to do with my brand

  • Requests to change existing links to new articles, unless you are the author of the original article and have moved or removed it

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