Big Week Ahead

This week is already off to a busy but pretty wonderful start. I got to spend time with some good friends yesterday, and later, my sweet but forgetful grandmother (who is recovering from a bad fall she suffered last week).

Then last night, I got to work on another friend's manuscript and coach her on her writing, which is always rewarding and fun. I love teaching and editing.

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Photo courtesy of

Today, I should finish the first draft of The Waterboy, the prequel short story (ha! More like novella!) I'm writing for The Undine's Tear.

Speaking of which, by the end of the week, digital copies of The Undine's Tear will be going out to ARC readers. Want to read it for free? Sign up for my ARC newsletter here:

As if that weren’t enough, I’ve been busy re-editing my very first knitwear design, Graceful Slippers, and formatting a downloadable PDF. As a bonus, by customer Linda D’s request, I have also included instructions for worsted weight.

The online bulky version will remain a free pattern, but the updated version that includes worsted weight, a handy PDF, glossary, and more will be on sale in my shop.

It should be published by the end of the week and will be announced in my knitting newsletter.

In this western Alberta town, there are critters far more dangerous than bears…

In this western Alberta town, there are critters far more dangerous than bears…

Also, the story I wrote for Constellate eZine, “Up In Smoke”, will also be going live on Friday. If you want to read that, become a magazine patron. (Details at link.)


Lastly, but definitely not least, Noah turns 15 tomorrow! Whoot! Whoot!

All hail the birthday boy!

All hail the birthday boy!

Whooee! Send warm, productive, energetic thoughts my way.

And chocolate.

Happy Monday, friends! What's new with you?