Blog This!

Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.
— Mark Twain

I have started using my family as marketing tools.

I realize this is not a new strategy. People have been doing it since the first kid said "Daddy said I could!" to his mother's stern face, hoping she would buy it.

Except I'm not actually trying to get anyone to buy anything. All I'm advertising is this page you're sitting on. This one. Right here. (And all the other ones on my URL.)

Originally I was just going to get myself a shirt that said:

to go with my new pajama pants.

But, that was so much fun, and so easy, and the prices at Cafepress were so reasonable, I didn't stop until I had the whole family decked out. Now Jason has a shirt that says:

And Noah and Jude have matching ones like this:

Jabin's is, of course, the cutest, by right of being the smallest. (Who could resist a baby in a onesie, right?)

Creative or Crass? Wait. Don't answer that.

Happy Monday night, friends. How was your Monday?