Spring Has Sprung?

I've often wondered where that guy lives. You know, the guy whose job it is to pick which little box to enter the type "First Day Of Spring" on the calendars. Where, exactly, does spring really begin on March 21?

For almost my entire life, I have wistfully looked out the window on this date and laughed ruefully at the large, fluffy flakes falling down, or at the very least, the slushy, mucky flakes littering my yard. Spring Equinox, my big toe! Obviously, this has nothing to do with weather!

This year, 1300 miles closer to the equator, the laugh will of an entirely different sort--because at this rate, by March 21st, it's going to be summer in Arkansas!

Signs that spring is here:
  • The winter apparel is going on clearance.
  • The gardening equipment is being put out--in the outdoor gardening centre!
  • The jonkles (a type of bulb) are about 6 inches high.
  • The toads are croaking in the pond.
  • It has been over 15 degrees C for the last several days!
Maybe that guy lives in Iowa. What do you think?