Ready For Anything

Last week, my amazing brother sent me a surprise package in the mail. Look what it had in it:

Gift from my brother

While he realized that I probably didn't need explanation as to why knitting supplies should be in a an Emergency Survival Kit, he was kind enough to illuminate it for anyone who might be confused about the subject at all.

On a related note, I was re-watching Season 1 of  Pushing Daisies this past weekend with my mother (who was visiting for a few days), and Emerson Cod, the knitting detective, did actually save all the main characters' lives in the second episode by pulling his retractable knitting needles from his inside pocket (which he always kept with him in case he got the urge to cast on) while his hands were bound, splitting open the plastic body bag he was trapped in, unzipping Chuck's and Ned's bags, thereby allowing Ned to drive the DandyLion SX away from the homicidal maniac who was about to use them as crash test dummies.

Also, last week I was reminded that the Little Red Hen saved herself and her four lazy chicks from the Big Bad Fox because she had her workbag with her--while the fox took a nap, she cut open the bag they were trapped in, they escaped, filled it with rocks, then she stitched it up and they made a hasty exit. Granted, this was a sewing workbag, but I have scissors and a needle and yarn in my knitting bag--I think I could have reprised her role well enough in the same situation.

See? You never know when knitting could save your life.