The Log Line class by Talena Winters. Describe your entire story in one sentence.

The Log Line

Class Description:

Can you describe your entire story in a single sentence? If not, you may not really know what your story is about. Learn how to encapsulate your entire plot within a single line to be used as a tool to find problems before you begin, keep you focused while writing, or bring you back on track when you break your story.

1-hour workshop.

5-Point Plot Structure Class by Talena Winters. Plot any story (or part of a story) with these five turning points.

5-Point Plot Structure

Class Description:

Whether you are a pantser or a plotter, every story needs to follow a basic outline of rising tension to a satisfactory climax. The 5-Point Plot Structure is one of the most basic frameworks to guide your story. But while it is easy to list a five-point structure's outline, it is often difficult to understand how to implement that in practice. Talena Winters analyzes the bestselling movie Moana and explains how to use the same principles in other genres to show how even very different stories all use the same basic structure that works, time after time after time.

1-hour class.
Best preceded by the Log Line workshop. (These two could be combined into a 2-hour workshop.)

Creating a Cohesive Brand as a Multi-Passion Creative. Class by Talena

Creating A Cohesive Brand

Class Description:

Are you a multi-genre writer? Or, worse, are you a multi-passion creative, struggling to figure out how to market several creative businesses with only the time one person has? Knitwear designer, composer, and multi-genre writer Talena Winters walks you through an exercise to figure out what it is that holds all of your different interests together in order to create a unifying brand theme that you can use in your marketing, website, and even to provide story inspiration.

2-hour workshop.

Part 1

Learn what branding is, how you need to approach it as a multi-passion creative to influence your business decisions, and get examples of who does this well already.

Part 2

Workshop the things that make you and your business tick and how you can use that to shape your brand and connect with your ideal client.