From Prosidy to Prose

Well, I figured I'd make the official announcement: I will soon be launching my career as an author.

I am currently working on my second novella, which I am thinking will be released as a package with the first one I wrote in December to make a sweet little couple of romance stories (pun intended).

The first story is about Melinda, a twenty-something woman recovering from the tragic loss of her family and fiancee, and Peter, an engineer-cum-UPS driver trying to launch a photography career. Every week, Melinda creates a couture masterpiece of a dress which she then hides in a box forever after wearing only once. Is Melinda finally ready to move on? Can Peter draw her from her protective shell? Find out when you read "The Friday Night Date Dress."

It may be a month or two before the second half of the pair is completed, so I am trying to decide whether to just release this one now or not. I will keep you posted.

Have a great weekend, peeps!