Home, Sweet Bachelor's Home

My brother purchased his first home last year, and since I hadn't been to visit him in Washington since 2009, this was the first time I got to see it.

It is so, so adorable. (Sorry, Logan, it just is.) The yard completely surrounds the squarish two-story house with green and grass and loveliness. The house has a partial wrap-around deck/patio. It was built with large windows on all sides that let in the light and take advantage of the beautiful landscaping, but said landscaping makes the property almost completely private.

I'm sure constant rain would get old fast if you lived here, but for us, it was a nice break from snow and cold.

A bench and some dormant flowers on one edge of the patio on a grey, rainy day.

Sometimes the sun would break through, and the results were spectacular!

One of the few places one can see the access road from the house.

View through a kitchen window.

This "stump chair" sits by the driveway.

There is a little play set in the yard, which Levi made good use of once he was feeling better!

Some of the neighbourhood dogs--they were pretty cute!!

By the time we left, spring had arrived in Logan's yard, and some of the flower bushes were blooming.

At night, the frogs would sing a loud neighbourhood chorus. Levi thought they were a little scary at first, but I think he got over it eventually.

Also, his newly-redone kitchen made me seriously green. (All the mess on the counters in the photos was brought by us. The kitchen was beautiful and clean when we arrived.)

Cooking lesson: instructing my brother on the art of soup, perfect for treating The Cold.

It felt like we had gone on vacation to a cabin in the woods, and it was so peaceful and relaxing, it was hard to want to leave. I don't think he is planning to start a B&B anytime soon, though! Sorry to disappoint. ;-)