March Whirlwind

Luigi wasn't done in time for Noah's party.

In fact, he's still not done. I've been working on him as I have had time, which I haven't had a lot of.

This past week, I was running a combination online auction (on Facebook) that culminated in an in-person Silent Auction at my church yesterday as a Heart4Children Canada fund raiser. It was a huge success, which I am thankful for--but it did not leave a lot of time for handicrafts. Or cleaning my house. Or sleeping. So guess what I have been doing today? (Well, not a lot of the sleeping yet, but that's coming soon!)

Noah still doesn't know that he is getting Luigi, so it will be a nice, "late birthday" surprise. And he had a blast at the party, anyway!

Now that the fund raiser is done, I have three big tasks next up on my plate:

  • Choose an accounting software to use - after 10 years in business, my fingers are in enough different pies and my time has become limited enough that I can no longer justify the time required to manually enter everything into an Excel spreadsheet. Any tips on your favourite multi-currency software that imports and exports CSV files?
  • Finish formatting and publishing "The Friday Night Date Dress" - Yay! I finally finished the "Getting Started" tutorial on my new software, and can finally get going on/finishing this project. My next story has been burning a hole in my brain, and I have been feeling severely hampered by my lack of familiarity with the software!
  • Prepare a presentation on online marketing for the upcoming "Women in the North" conference, for which I was flattered to be invited to do a breakout session on the topic.

And that conference is one day before Levi's 3rd birthday. Whee!

Despite the mild weather, it doesn't look like the typical whirlwind on my calendar is going away any time soon. :-)

What have you been up to for the last week, friends?