The Secret to Breaking Writer's Block: Do It Anyway; Also, an update.

The Secret to Breaking Writer's Block: Do It Anyway; Also, an update.

Whether it’s fitness, professional, emotional, or spiritual goals—the only way to reach them is to do the work, whether you feel like it or not. The same is true for Writer’s Block. And, since it’s been a while, there are updates on multiple topics in this post.

Whirlwind Road Trip

Whirlwind Road Trip

Photo recap of a whirlwind weekend road trip to Seattle, Washington, with a ton of natural beauty along the way.

A Winter's Day In "Through the Lens"

A Winter's Day In "Through the Lens"

Today, I had a break from writing. So it was kind of a look-at-life-through-the-lens sort of day. Here are a few things my camera and I saw. Also, I was so honoured to be featured on Mary DeMuth's podcast the Restory Show.

7 Moments: What's Been Keeping Me Busy

7 Moments: What's Been Keeping Me Busy

A photo essay of what's been filling up my blog silence.

Photo Friday: Hope in Grief

Last Saturday, Levi turned four. It could have been an awful, hard, day of mourning. But it wasn't. It was a day of joy, and remembering, and thinking about our little man. Together.



As predicted in my last post, the last couple of weeks have been pretty hard in the grieving department. There have been pretty bad days. And some okay days.

Today is one of those days when I want to do something, but I can't. Or maybe I am doing something. I'm not sure. But I feel like if I actually did something, then I would stop feeling so sad and angry and scared.

One Day at a Time

One Day at a Time

Love. Faith. Family. These values will be forever intertwined in my mind. And each one, while grand in theme, can really only be made tangible through individual choices, small acts carried out in small ways each and every day. They are built or destroyed one day at a time.

March Whirlwind

Luigi wasn't done in time for Noah's party.

In fact, he's still not done. I've been working on him as I have had time, which I haven't had a lot of.

This past week, I was running a combination online auction (on Facebook) that culminated in an in-person Silent Auction at my church yesterday as a Heart4Children Canada fund raiser. It was a huge success, which I am thankful for--but it did not leave a lot of time for handicrafts. Or cleaning my house. Or sleeping. So guess what I have been doing today? (Well, not a lot of the sleeping yet, but that's coming soon!)

Noah still doesn't know that he is getting Luigi, so it will be a nice, "late birthday" surprise. And he had a blast at the party, anyway!

Now that the fund raiser is done, I have three big tasks next up on my plate:

  • Choose an accounting software to use - after 10 years in business, my fingers are in enough different pies and my time has become limited enough that I can no longer justify the time required to manually enter everything into an Excel spreadsheet. Any tips on your favourite multi-currency software that imports and exports CSV files?
  • Finish formatting and publishing "The Friday Night Date Dress" - Yay! I finally finished the "Getting Started" tutorial on my new software, and can finally get going on/finishing this project. My next story has been burning a hole in my brain, and I have been feeling severely hampered by my lack of familiarity with the software!
  • Prepare a presentation on online marketing for the upcoming "Women in the North" conference, for which I was flattered to be invited to do a breakout session on the topic.

And that conference is one day before Levi's 3rd birthday. Whee!

Despite the mild weather, it doesn't look like the typical whirlwind on my calendar is going away any time soon. :-)

What have you been up to for the last week, friends?

Redefining "Toad"

Today is Noah's 11th birthday.

I knew that he wanted a video game, Mario Kart 8, for his birthday. But we like to give our kids more than one thing for their special day.  Since we don't do Christmas, we really like to make the kids feel special on their birthdays.

Sometimes, it's kind of tough to know what to get Noah, though, because his interests seem kind of narrow--and we are usually trying to encourage non-electronics-related interests. So on Tuesday, I asked him if there was anything besides a video game that he would like.

"A Luigi plushie. Or Toad. Yeah, Toad!"

Well, at least it wasn't electronic.

But, wait. Toad? I'm thinking:

Photo Copyright / 123RF Stock Photo


But apparently, Noah was thinking:



It took a while for us to bridge that communication gap, but once we did, I figured that the internet could probably supply me with a pattern to make this cute li'l guy in some way, shape or form.

And the Internets did not disappoint. I found an adorable crochet pattern for several of the Mario Bros characters on Wolfdreamer's blog. So I printed off her pattern for Toad and Toadette, gathered my yarn (a perfect chance to use up old acrylic yarn I never use otherwise, Yay!), plunked my butt in a chair, and started crocheting.

I have done a fair amount of crocheting in my life--enough that I was able to follow this pattern fairly easily. However, I do not like crocheting, and after doing it for nearly 24 hours straight (made bearable by blasting through half of Season 4 of "Gilmore Girls"), my hand and wrist were complaining. But it was all worth it when I got to give Noah this tonight:

Cute enough to eat! Why would anyone call this adorable little guy a Toad?!

Ssh. Don't tell Noah, but I've also started on Luigi. He can be surprised again at his birthday party on Saturday.

And then, I think I will be well and truly done crocheting for a while! Except now Jude, Jabin, and Levi all want one. And Noah mentioned Luigi again. And Mario. And Jude wants Bowser Jr. And I'm pretty sure a few more characters were mentioned. Jason suggested I should just make them all the complete set of characters. I suggested something that Jason could do, too. ;-P

How was your Thursday, friends?